The American Dream. What actually is this dream?

“The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.”

Cool, isn’t it? Really poetic and patriotic! Just reading this you felt American with a huge flag wiggling behind you. But what’s mean for us the American Dream? Maybe only the second part: “allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved”, and this brought me to travel around the countries, this…brought me to travel in MIAMI (bit*h).

Yes Man, I was in Miami, Florida. Is already amazing like this. I actually didn’t plan that time to go there, was an idea of my friend. He just came to me and was like:

  • Yo mate, I wanna go somewhere. But in an amazing place! Out of Europe. Do you want to come with me to Miami?

When he asked me that, I was on duty so after work, I ran home and I started to look on internet for a good deal and I obviously I found it. Flight + hostel = 500£

Was cheap even because I stopped to Madrid and was actually perfect because my friend left London 2 months before and went back to Spain, so the good thing to do was to meet up in one point and fly straight to Miami.

Another reason of the cheap price was the accommodation. It wasn’t that easy to find the hotel\apartment\shit hole but in the end I found this hostel, the SoBe (

Yeah I know, I went in a hostel but we were 2 men not two buttercup, and actually, have you ever been in a hostel? If the answer is no, well, you must try because is really fun and you can meet a lot of people and make loads of friends. Anyway, our hostel was really cool I recommend to everyone. Every night for only 20$ was bringing you in different clubs to have fun and get drunk. I saw even the show of Fredde Le Grand.

Anyway, the air plane took 8 hours to go there. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. When we arrived we started to jump everywhere like 2 kids in a kid-garden. We actually were shocked about the Airport, because it seems pretty old and all the announcement were in Spanish, obviously not all but most of them.

Thanks god I speak Spanish too so it wasn’t a big trouble for me. I know I could speak English anyway, but let me tell you this. I went out with my friend one night and we fancied a pizza, so I went in this restaurant and I asked to a waiter if they were doing take-away (in English). The guy started to look at me without say something for few minutes, so then he just point his colleague and walked away. His colleague came to me and he started to serve me. So suddenly I asked him why the guy with whom I was talking before didn’t want serve me and he just answered saying: “because he doesn’t speak English, he speaks only Spanish”. That’s really weird for me, but then I look at the foreigners that live here in London and I’m not surprised anymore. (I’m not mean!)

I got to say, in Miami there’s not a lot of thing to see. They only have some area that remember you Havana or Cuba and then the Downtown. I was in Miami Beach for who didn’t get. Basically Miami and Miami Beach are 2 different places. They are connect only by a bridge. Miami is the city with the skyscraper and Miami beach is the one with the…beach… what do you expect?

Miami doesn’t have the underground so the only transport you can take are the buses and the taxis. In Miami there is a Bus (is green) that you can take for free and it does only one route and is even good because pass in front of the Miami Heat Stadium and through the Downtown.

In Miami beach there is a lot of fun. The nights and the discos never close down, well around 10ish (like in London). Same story for the tattoo shops, well at least they close quite early than 10 am.

During the morning you can enjoy the amazing sun and the amazing water. YES! Oh.My.God. That water was fantastic. Clean and warm. The sand was not that hot instead. Basically a paradise.

Apart from this and from look at the hot chicks in bikini walking down the streets, what did we do there? What did we actually see?