Every time you read my post, you see how proud I’m for have found the cheapest flight or the best deal on the travel market, everybody would be! Unluckily we are not rich as Dan Bilzerian. I wish to be that lad actually.

Anyway, I decide to give some advice on “how to travel around the world for cheap” only because I like to be helpful and because my blog has born even for this reason.


Ok, I guess is time to start:


I know, if you have it the life will be really easy, but trust me you don’t need to be RICH, you just need a plan. For claim money someone needs to work so the answer is: look for a job (check here too).

There are many website that can help you to find a job and you can actually look for a job that offer you even a roof above your head. One good example is the AU PAIR. Obviously the girls always applied for, is basically a natural skill, I would say and NO, I’M NOT SEXIST. If you are not good with kids you can try with the BARTENDING\WAITERING. Thanks god, the hospitality industry always look for new people and this can help you a lot. Imagine to be somewhere, you need to pay the rent or at least the hostel, probably you can find a bar or a restaurant that need a help and you can ask to work few days and be paid in cash or maybe you can ask straight to the manager if he needs another employee in his environment (HOSTEL WORKER).

You can even look for SEASONAL JOB and work during the summer or the winter time.

If you think to go to Australia or New Zealand, you can apply for work in the FARMS.

You can check these web sites out too:


After checked that websites and have found your “dream job” like brush the dolls or straighten the bananas, is time to look for the “way” for travel.

Most of the people think that the only way for go in one place is by the air-plane. WRONG! There are other ways:

  • Train
  • Hitchhike (be very careful)
  • Rent a Car (with friends would be really cheap and more fun)
  • Your Feet (if you are not lazy)
  • Air Planes

In the first bullet point I attached the interrail website. I don’t know why but I like trains. Maybe you can spend a lot of time for go from a place to another, true but think that if you take a night train you can even sleep on and save money for the accommodation and you can maybe meet other travelers like you.

The second and the third bullet point are almost identical. In both you travel by car, the only thing that change is that with the first you don’t pay the fuel but you don’t know who will pick you up and if you will get a ride (depend in which country you are), instead in the second you must fill the tank and you can drive wherever you want without bother anyone.

Your feet, well there’s not a lot to say, if you are trained enough you can walk for miles if not, well, good luck. Anyway, I must say that the pro is that you can GO ANYWHERE you want and SEE WHATEVER you want.

The last point it might seem expensive but sometimes is even cheaper of the other bullet point. Thanks to internet you can find loads of web sites that help you to find the best deal, the most famous are:



Maybe we found the job, maybe we found the way to reach the place that we wanted, but where can we sleep saving our last pence?

A good solution for save some extra money on the accommodation is to book a night in the hostels. Most of the hostels offer the dorms, large rooms containing several beds as 12 or 24. Obviously, bigger is the dorm cheaper is the cost per night. The hostels are good also because they have the kitchen and you can cook your own food plus you can meet new people and make new friends.

These are 2 good website: hostelworld and hostelbooker.

Can’t you afford the cost of a room in a hostel? No problem, use the others house. Wait, I don’t mean to occupy an house but to watch and take care the house of someone when this one is on holiday. I’m talking about HOUSE-SITTING (second website MindMyHouse).

Then if you want stay in a place, COMPLETELY FOR FREE, you can do COUCHSURFING. This is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. The website provides a platform for members to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home, host travelers, or join an event.

Sometimes you might get a room, sometimes a couch, sometimes an air mattress too, but it’s always FREE. Similar sites include Servas and Hospitality Club but Couchsurfing it’s a more active community.



I think it’s all. GOOD LUCK!