Ok, nice walk, nice monuments, but the beach? The sea? The smell of sun cream? Yep, the 3rd day was the day to get tan.

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And listening to the tips from my Portuguese friends I went to Cascais, a fishing village at 1/2 hour from Lisbon by train. This village once, yes, was a small fishing village but now is a touristic place and a rich area. Lots of people go there even for water sports like sailing and surfing. Anyway, is really tiny and cosy. Is colourful and has got different beaches where you can sit and don’t do anything or have fun. The water was cold but clean.

There are not much things to see in Cascais a part the fortress and the lighthouse, some museums and the old city. These attractions are for free, they have a time-table as every normal attraction and when i wanted to go to see the lighthouse inside (guess what) was closed…just that day! a classic…

I walked through the whole town and it took me only 4 hours (without stops). Obviously I stopped on the beach Praia de Rainha, because I was on holiday, wasn’t I? so then I start to plan my last night in Lisbon and one of the best choise was to get drunk, easy!

I went back to the hotel, I took a shower and I got ready for the night out. The best area for have fun is Bairro Alto. Music, shots, fun, laughs…everyone is friendly and wants drink with you. The music goes from techno to the acoustic for make everybody happy.

The night passed quick and was time to take the air plane to fly back to London.

So, Lisbon it’s really cool, nothing to complaint. The people, the food, the weather, the cheap life…oh what a nice mix. I really recommend it to everyone for a good trip BUT DON’T GO ALONE!

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