So, the first day ran fast or maybe I ran fast (click here for see the first part).

I woke up quite early the second day, only because I didn’t want miss anything even because I didn’t have much time, in 2 days I would’ve taken the air plane for go back in London. So, yeah! Alarm set at 8:15 and 8:30 (because I love to sleep that 15 minutes of gap, everybody does it!). I took my camera, I went for have breakfast and for steal some bread from there. Nothing to be shame! A quick chat with the receptionist for some direction and right to the monuments.

I took the underground, the daily was 6€ roughly (nothing). The transport are quite good and efficient, think that most of the bus got the free WiFi on (in your face TFL). I arrived to Baixa/Chiado, near the Castle of St Jorge.

My god! Nice castle but for reach it wasn’t that easy. Lisbon is build on a hill and the castle right on the top! In fact has got a breathtaking view. From there you can see the whole city.

After that, I went to the Monastery and from there through Alfama District (a really old district where the Moors were living during the invasion). After a nice walk among the old-fashioned houses I took the bus and I went to the Belem tower (a fortress in the middle of the sea). Is possible to visit it inside, but there’s always a long queue so that time I was like: hell no, I’m not gonna standing there under the sun! Sorry pal.

On my way back, I stopped to Discoveries Monument, an incredible monument. For 3 euros you can take the lift and go straight to the top. There’s a great view indeed. You can see: the Berardo Museum, the 25th april bridge, the ocean, the Belem tower and the Belem district.

After enjoyed that view, I went downstairs and I got the brilliant idea to go back to the centre by walking…really bad idea! 7.3 km of seafront. Even if my feet were hurting a lot, I was enjoying that walk. I could take a lot of pictures and I could pass under the April 25th bridge. Finally I arrived to the Praça do Comércio and I took the underground for go back to the hotel. A quick shower, a bit of rest and back on the street again.

That night I wanted to eat some good seafood, because I love it. I can eat  seafood in London too but is not the same and it will never be! So, I was walking around and I saw a fancy Italian restaurant, Italy Caffe Ristorante. I walked in and…WOW! The place, the service, the atmosphere, the food…everything was amazing. And it wasn’t that expensive!
After that good dinner I just went home to sleep and be ready the next day.

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