I’m not used to travel alone, most of the time I did with someone….ok, I must say the truth, I always went somewhere with someone. This was my first trip by myself, and I chose Lisbon that time. Such a huge mistake! Is not the city, don’t get me wrong! The capital is cool (even too much), but I didn’t know was perfect for couples!

I went there in April, I found a really good deal on internet: flight + hotel only 100£…ooooh yes!

I was a guest of a 3* stars hotel in the middle of Lisbon, unbelievable hotel, I never had a shower so good in my entire life (that shower is even better that my house, fgs!). When I just arrived there, I threw my bag on the bed, I took my camera and I went straight down on the street. I walked down Avenida da Liberdade, a street full of big brands as loius vitton and many more, obviously is not for me. In the end there was Plaza del Rossio.

Man, trust me, was like Trafalgar square, I felt quite comfy seeing such a familiar place but the best will come later.

From that square, I went on one “artificial” viewpoint, Elevador de Santa Justa. Is basically an elevator tall 45 metres that bring you to the top, from there you can see all the city (more or less). I took some selfies (so sad) and I went back on my way, basically there was something that I was looking…the fucking sea!

Oh man, you don’t know how much I suffer living in London. Wait, I don’t hate this city, I love it! But…I come from the sea side, so for me was like to see my mom after long time.

Anyway, after 10ish minutes, I arrived to the main square, Commerce Square, a massive square where you have on the front the ocean and on the back the city…I don’t need to say anything else, is already amazing like this.

I started to take other pictures for my collection and few only for selling when suddenly I’ve been stopped  from one guy that he approached me with nonchalant and was like:

  • “Hi, where are you from?”
  • “Italy”
  • “Oh Italiano! Nice! I love Italy! Do you wanna buy some weed?”
  • “Ehm, no?!”

Yep, you might don’t know, but Portugal has got many drugs and they sell it even for few quid only because you need to cross only the ocean for reach Africa.

Anyway, after have a little chat with this great guy, I start to walk on the seafront. What amazing sensation but…my god, so sad! Yeah, because there were only couples around me, what the hell! But I have to say, was cute to see such a love in the air. Was perfect the atmosphere (for them).

After lots of km I start to be tired, a lot! And starving! So then I start to look for a good place where I could take a breath and let my feet chill, so it came the miracle, my eyes were on tear, my feet start to walk by themselves, it was like to see a kebab shop after a night out in London, I saw Hennessy’s Pub

Oh. My. God. It was proper Irish/English. Inside there were arsenal and Chelsea fans. Swearing and burps were a sweet melody for my ears. Too many feels all together. I didn’t feel alone more.

After that amazing experience of homesickness, I went home for sleep and get ready for the next day.


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