Oh Dublin, Dublin, Dublin…what a majesty place…

Like its “Pot of Gold”, has got so many beautiful things, such as: history, alcohol, legends, alcohol, statues, alcohol, memorial buildings, alcohol and in the end Guinness (alcohol)!

Ok, I must to say that I went in Dublin only for 1 day and half. I went with my friends, was the birthday of one of them. Oh man, I never seen so much alcohol in 1 day that in my entire life. Well, I should say that we drunk only Guinness… you gotta try what the place offer you, innit?

We landed around 3ish pm and we went straight to the hotel. My friend booked the hotel Glen Guesthouse. It was nice and cosy, it’s got 24h reception and was quite, really quite. Anyway, everyone runs in his own room for put down the luggage, really quickly only because we wanted to get ready as soon as possible only for get pisse…I mean, for get the best experience from this trip.

As we met outside the hotel, we went in the first pub that our eyes could catch. We took a Guinness each (obviously) and some food and after that…other 5 rounds of beer…my god…we got drunk easily and the night wasn’t come yet.

After that pub we jumped in others, only for stop and drink at least 2 pints of Guinness each. We were like zombies. We start to be louder, basically a group of twat. During our pilgrimage, we spotted a guy who was working for a “casino”, well…that’s what he said… my friends were excited to play in a casino so we asked to the guy to show us the way for waste our money. As we arrived there I start to smell rat, something wasn’t right. The entrance was a tiny door in a dark street, inside there were bitches and then a roulette table was paying a straight up 25/1…What. The. Fuck. When we saw this we flipped the table and we ran away, after that we just had the last beers in temple bar and then we went home.

The day after, we felt like a shit, completely fucked up.

Anyway, we got up and we went to have a breakfast in the middle of the main square. From there we went to see few things, such as: the GPO (a famous post office building with Georgian, neoclassical architecture) the Spire of Dublin (a monument tall 121 m), and the statue of Jim Larking (Irish trade union leader and socialist activist). Around the afternoon we went to take a tour in the glorious Guinness Factory were we had a Guinness for free at the top floor. After litres of beers we decide to end the day going went to watch and gamble on the dog’s race.

Oh Dublin, Dublin, Dublin… what a nice city.

A part for the alcohol that you can drink as water, I must to say that offer a lot of entertainment, hang out wherever you want and whoever you want. Most of the Irish are really friendly but don’t even try to piss them off, then is better for you to run away.10612787_10205514503412656_6381916430353266478_n 10947319_10205514500052572_3742514910589452841_n 10941849_10205510712797893_6327009647671425690_n